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Do You Dare to Try to Research Your Alsace Ancestors Online - in French?

We have had a missive from Christine and Laure, who write the wonderful blog Généalogie Alsace. They have put together a brief series of instructional posts for those who live far from that pretty region of France and must research... Read more →

More and More Online - But You Have to Separate and Regroup the Sources

A brief update on crucial indexing resources becoming available to you Dear Readers, albeit in the most chaotic way imaginable. Recall that we have explained many times that France's birth, marriage and death registrations, whether parish or civil, are created... Read more →

Just Who Benefits In This?

You may recall, Dear Readers, that the Fond Coutot, being the largest private archives in France, were the creation of a professional genealogist, Amédée Coutot. He opened up business a bit over twenty years after the fires set by the... Read more →

Have You Tried LostCousins.com?

This website is primarily Anglophone, primarily British, using exclusively nineteenth and twentieth century census returns...and yet..... The premise is interesting: to enter into the website's database as many families as possible to which you are related that appear in the... Read more →

Slick New Site on WWI

In November of 2013, all of the archives of France took part in the Grande Collecte, in which they asked everyone to look in their attics for letters, photographs, diaries, drawings and any other material from their ancestor's participation in... Read more →

Emigrant Visas From Bordeaux

Currently, among professional genealogists, there is much grumbling about the clumsy mess that Ancestry.com has made of its search facility and the "ridiculous results" that come up. Many long for the now banished "old search" on that website. We suspect... Read more →

The Mysterious Powers of the Cercle Généalogique d'Aunis

As we have written many times before and will recapitulate here, the non-professional and local genealogy associations, or cercles, of France have been enormously helpful to any and all researching their family history. Primarily, and long before the Internet, members... Read more →

Few French Emigrants

It is a cold and wet spring here in France, and the First of May was rather gloomy. It is good weather for going to the archives or trawling genealogy sites on the Internet, not so lovely for visiting cemeteries... Read more →