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Huguenot Hints

By Syryatsu - Own work modified from File:Blason_ville_fr_Lacoste_(Vaucluse) .svg by User:Spedona, CC BY-SA 3.0,, modified by Morddel 27/06/2021 In the dozen years that we have been writing this chipper blog, the archivists in charge of the Departmental Archives websites... Read more →

Guest Post - News from the State Archives of Geneva (AEG) - Part 1 - Troublesome Protestants in 16th Century Geneva

We hear once again from our intrepid Swiss correspondent and genealogist, Isabelle Haemmerle, telling of a new building for the AEG and more importantly for thos not in Geneva, more databases filled with genealogical information put online.. We are pleased... Read more →

Researching a Ship's Doctor in France

Inexplicably, we have received a number of e-missives from certain Dear Readers who all have an ancestor who claimed to be a "surgeon in the French navy" or a "naval doctor" or a "surgeon on a French frigate at Trafalgar".... Read more →

Protestant and Huguenot Research - The TT Series

Those sly pixies at the Archives nationales have been working diligently and without fanfare. Archivists above the fray, perhaps holding the cult of celebrity in contempt and scorning the celebrity's unseemly lust for self proclamation (a sign of a flawed... Read more →

Five Hundred Years of Protestantism - A Guest Post

Our good friend, the genealogist, Isabelle Haemmerle, sends this from Geneva: The exhibition "Côté chaire côté rue" presented at the Archives of the State of Geneva is to be extended until March 2018. Held in the context of the 500th... Read more →

Summer Reading - The Short Chronicle

We are a bit late with this post and apologize, but we have been enthralled by a first-hand account of the takeover of Geneva by the Huguenots, beginning in 1529, "The Short Chronicle : a Poor Clare's Account of the... Read more →

Archives d'Etat de Genève - A Guest Post

Our good friend, the genealogist, Isabelle Haemmerle, has been doing more work in Geneva and sends this on the Archives d'Etat de Genève, the State Archives of Geneva: Remember, we met a few weeks ago in the old town of... Read more →