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Online Archives from the Archives Diplomatiques at Last

How long we have been awaiting this one, and it is not quite here yet, but the signs are hopeful, hopeful, indeed. For a good ten years, the Archives diplomatiques have been promising that, "very soon", the overseas civil registrations... Read more →

Did Your French Ancestor Die in a Military Hospital in America?

We have been playing with the ever-improving website of the Archives national d'outre-mer, the National Overseas Archives. It really is important to keep investigating this website; there is nearly always something new and it is rarely announced to the public... Read more →

Guest Post - Was Your Ancestor a Russian Student in Switzerland?

Dear Readers, once again our good friend, the excellent genealogist, Isabelle Haemmerle, sends a superbly informative post from Geneva. Archives of Swiss universities : lists of students on line 1874-1975 While assisting an American woman looking for the birth certificates... Read more →

Family Disputes Found in Notarial Acts Bring Joy to the Genealogist

Ah, Dear Readers, notarial records can yield such delights of familial disharmony, as they document spitefulness, resentment, vengeance or, most useful of all, the fierce desire of some to cheat their nearest and dearest of every last sou to be... Read more →

A Few British Workers Discovered in the Police Archives of Paris

Image source: Wouldn't you know it, Dear Readers, that the moment we finish our talk on finding British prisoners of war in France during the Napoleonic Wars in French archives, we stumble upon a few more. Truly, they pop... Read more →