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Guest Post - News from the State Archives of Geneva (AEG) - Part 1 - Troublesome Protestants in 16th Century Geneva

We hear once again from our intrepid Swiss correspondent and genealogist, Isabelle Haemmerle, telling of a new building for the AEG and more importantly for thos not in Geneva, more databases filled with genealogical information put online.. We are pleased... Read more →

FGB Free Clinic - Case no. 9 - Marie Fouyol, Parisian wife of Thomas Mansell, part 11 - Fanny Mansell's Sampler

From Monsieur E, we have received the most astonishing of responses to our series attempting to identify Marie Fouyol. He sends us a beautifully told and well-researched study of a lovely sampler by Marie Fouyol's daughter. Read on. Fanny Mansell’s... Read more →

GUEST POST - News From the State Archives of Geneva - AEG

Dear Readers, our good friend, the excellent genealogist, Isabelle Haemmerle, sends exciting news from Geneva: We are pleased to forward good news from Geneva. Last February the State Archives of Geneva (AEG) announced that the parish and vital records from... Read more →

Indexing Napoleon's Army - a Progress Report

Officer and soldier of the Garde Imperiale from "Collection des types de tous les corps et des uniformes militaires de la république et de l'empire d'après les dessins de M. Hippolyte Bellangé", J.-J. Dubochet et Cie, Paris, 1844. BNF Gallica.... Read more →

Guest Post - Collecting Baseball Cards - Genealogy vs Family History

From Brian Wills-Johnson, who gave us the erudite series "A Frenchman in Australia", we have received this interesting meditation on distant ancestors: It seems that I am a direct descendant of Radbot, Count of Klettgau, who was born circa 985,... Read more →

Guest Post - A Frenchman in Australia, part 4

A FRENCHMAN IN AUSTRALIA TASMANIA – 1815 to 1821 As noted earlier, on arrival in Sydney Jean Pierre was immediately assigned to William Mitchell in the District of Argyle, where Hobart had been settled by the British eleven years earlier.... Read more →

Guest Post - A Frenchman in Australia, part 3

COURT-MARTIALLED FOR DESERTION CANADA – 1813 to 1814 On 5 May 1813 the de Meuron regiment embarked at Malta on the HMS Regulus, HMS Melpomene and HMS Dover for British North America, and at the end of August the 1,200... Read more →

Guest Post - A Frenchman in Australia, part 2

A DRUMMER FOR NAPOLEON FRANCE – 1791 to 1808 Jean Pierre Meunier was probably born in Epinal in the French province of Lorraine, in 1791. His ticket of leave gives his birthplace as Lorient, a city on the west coast... Read more →

Guest Post - A Frenchman in Australia, part 1

It is a time of richesse, Dear Readers, for once again, we are most pleased to present a series of guest posts which, together, form a superb example of French genealogy research. It is a tale which we believe will,... Read more →