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Belgian But Born Anonymously in France

What on earth is it about the baby-selling racket that so appeals to Catholic institutions? The subject is in the news again, (watch this clip on France 24) this time in Belgium and it concerns us because the people of... Read more →

"Female Ancestors Are Hard to Find", They Say, But Not If They Were French, We Assure You

This year's RootsTech has launched, with many dozens of talks on more than genealogy, all of them online this year. Topics cover everything from food to folklore, costumes to customs, search strategies to scrapbooking, and the dreaded, bouncy, motivational talks.... Read more →

Guest Post - A Frenchman in Australia, part 4

A FRENCHMAN IN AUSTRALIA TASMANIA – 1815 to 1821 As noted earlier, on arrival in Sydney Jean Pierre was immediately assigned to William Mitchell in the District of Argyle, where Hobart had been settled by the British eleven years earlier.... Read more →

Guest Post - A Frenchman in Australia, part 3

COURT-MARTIALLED FOR DESERTION CANADA – 1813 to 1814 On 5 May 1813 the de Meuron regiment embarked at Malta on the HMS Regulus, HMS Melpomene and HMS Dover for British North America, and at the end of August the 1,200... Read more →

Guest Post - A Frenchman in Australia, part 1

It is a time of richesse, Dear Readers, for once again, we are most pleased to present a series of guest posts which, together, form a superb example of French genealogy research. It is a tale which we believe will,... Read more →

The French View on "Recreational DNA Testing"

Well, Dear Readers, CNIL is having an "I told you so" moment on the question of what they like to call "recreational DNA testing". They have published a long, explanatory post on their position since the announcement by GlaxoSmithKline that... Read more →