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Online! - The Contracts of the Engagés Leaving La Rochelle for Canada and Elsewhere

Digitization is proceeding apace in the archives of France. The Departmental Archives of Charente-Maritime, which contain the notarial records of La Rochelle, have been more diligent than many. They have uploaded an enormous number of the worker engagement contracts signed... Read more →

Geneanet's Humour Collection

Somehow, one gets the feeling that the people running Geneanet are a bit more intelligent and a bit wittier than the other commercial genealogy websites. They seem actually to enjoy history and genealogy rather than to be solely interested in... Read more →

A Snapshot of Post-War France - the 1946 Census

Dear Readers, thank you so much for your many messages of concern and support. We are well, recovering from yet another surgery and limping our way back to as normal a life as possible. As those of us who are... Read more →

The Finistère Convicts Register - Was Your Ancestor an Escaped Convict or Prisoner of War in Napoleonic France?

Earlier this year, we went on a marvelous archives junket to Bretagne. One of the most important things on our list was to examine much more carefully and thoroughly this superb register of recaptured escapees of all sorts during the... Read more →

French Jewish Genealogy - Ancien régime Geography Is Important

When researching Jewish genealogy before the French Revolution, the reach back into the past is long, well into the Medieval era. Borders were different then and France looked quite different, not at all like the "Hexagon" (above) of today. Prior... Read more →

FGB Free Clinic - Case no. 9 - Marie Fouyol, Parisian wife of Thomas Mansell, part 7 - Name Study

So, Dear Readers, to date, we have had little luck in our search for the identity of Marie Fouyol prior to her marriage to Thomas Mansell, her place of origin, her parents' names, her supposed first husband, and so forth.... Read more →

"Female Ancestors Are Hard to Find", They Say, But Not If They Were French, We Assure You

This year's RootsTech has launched, with many dozens of talks on more than genealogy, all of them online this year. Topics cover everything from food to folklore, costumes to customs, search strategies to scrapbooking, and the dreaded, bouncy, motivational talks.... Read more →

Guest Post - Au revoir Monsieur! Part 1

1. A story of love, ties, roots and jam... Here is a story of love, ties, roots and jam...My grandmother passed away five years ago, one month before her 94th birthday. She was an energetic, blue-eyed, lovely lady full of... Read more →