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Alsace Ancestors

We have touted, in the past, the very fine blog Généalogie Alsace, sharing their posts and encouraging any of you who have ancestors from Alsace to read that blog regularly. Once again, the writers are attempting something very interesting. They have put out a call to all those around the world to share their stories of their Alsatian ancestors. You can read some of the stories here.

The blog authors are preparing a series of posts on emigration from Alsace, which they plan to publish in November as their contribution to the big French genealogy bloggers event, "Challenge AZ". That requires one post per day for the month, so the authors will be keen to know your story. They will not simply reproduce your story. They will do some genealogical research about your ancestor to be able to present as full a story as possible. That, surely, is a very nice gift to you in exchange, non?

If you would like to submit your Alsatian ancestor story, have it be considered for the ChallengeAZ, and perhaps have help with your research, write to the authors here. You may write in any language, sending full documents, even illustrations and photographs. This really could be a golden opportunity for some of you!


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