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ChallengeAZ 2021 - The letters X, Y and Z

ChallengeAZ 2021 - The letters U, V and W

Escrime - Challenge!

The end is in sight, Dear Readers. For the letter U, many bloggers chose to write about uniforms. Unfortunately, none of them gave any aid in uniform identification, so we do not include them here. The letter W presented a problem for many, as there are not many words in French beginning with that letter; many resorted to variations of "Wow" or to words in other languages. There were quite a few posts about wagons, French for railway carriage. Généa79 admitted defeat gracefully by pointing out that the letter W was not even in the French alphabet until 1948.

These are the posts that we believe may be of most use to you in your French genealogical research:

  • SL Passerelle looks at undertaker records in Louisiana. Throughout the ChallengeAZ, this blog has been quite fun in showing how a French researcher uses American records.
  • The wonderful archives of the AP-HP look at the records of emergency medical workers in Paris on their facebook page.
  • GénéaTrip looks at the issue of spelling variations in names.
  • Once again SL Passerelle shines this time with a survey of resources.
  • Archivistoires gives a brief explanation of Series W in Departmental Archives, a series which gets too little attention.


In response to this post, Madame K wrote to suggest for the letter W, something on Wallis-et-Futuna. None of this year's participants chose the subject but we did write about it last year here.


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