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Really, for the letter K one would have expected many posts illuminating Breton names. Instead, we have a rash of posts on the very French képi, quite a few on kilometer or kilogram, many on words that actually begin with the letter C but that are misspelt for the sake of the Challenge (this does seem like cheating to us). A couple of bloggers were honest and confessed to not being able to think of anything for the letter. 

  • Traces et petits cailloux cleverly looked at the dozens of native language words in Acadia that begin with the letter.
  • Not even GeneaBreizh wrote about Breton names but did give an excellent explanation of the archival Series K and its use for genealogical research.
  • Généalogie Alsace came up with a fine lesson on words for child, kind in German, enfant in French, that can be found in Alsatian parish registers, enabling researchers to have a better understanding of the entries.
  • The blog of the Archives nationales d'outre-mer, (ANOM) has been writing throughout the ChallengeAZ on individuals who lived in what were the French colonies. These little vignettes do not help much with research, but at the end of each the sources in the archives are listed, which could prove inspirational for some of you, Dear Readers. For the letter K, they write on the women of Kha Lao.

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