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ChallengeAZ 2021 - The letter J

Escrime - Challenge!

As we approach the middle of the alphabet, those participating in the ChallengeAZ  seem to be experiencing a bit of a slump in the imagination. For the letter J, there are many posts about one Jeanne or another, a couple of inexplicable lapses into Joy, and a couple each on Justice and Jumeaux (twins). We think that the best are:

  • Broderies ancestrales, writing about naturalization records in the Ministry of Justice.
  • 101 gènes, writing with understandable horror about one ancestor's run-in with the law, as found in judicial archives.
  • Au Cour du Passé, providing a much-needed post on the "profession" of day-labourer. All amongst you who, too lazy to pick up a dictionary, assume that journalier is French for journalist, we beg of you, please read this, with a dictionary. Failing that, at least look at the picture.
  • De Branches en branches writing the best post on twins, having found two sets with the same surname born on the same day.

Surely, a few letters from now, as we near the finishing line, inspiration will return.

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