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ChallengeAZ 2021 - The letter G

Escrime - Challenge!

Of the posts submitted to the ChallengeAZ for the letter G, many chose one of the obvious: généalogie or guerre (war), others continued with their studies of surnames or town names beginning with the letter and many write about food.

  • Traces et petits cailloux wrote of the expulsion of the Acadians from Nova Scotia, the Grand dérangement, with very nice illustrations. We have written a bit about Acadian research here.
  • GénéaBreizh introduces the curious word gésine and presents a tough act. The word is new to us and not in our modern French-English dictionary. Once again, our grandmother's pink Petit Larousse Illustré came to the rescue. As GénéaBreizh states, the word means the state of a woman being pregnant or of being in labur. As the verb gésir means to embed, gésine is similar to the old fashioned expression of a woman being "brought to bed" meaning that she was in labour, which is not very far from the currently used word, accoucher. Interesting post. We have nothing similar in our archive, but suggest our post on pregnancy declarations.
  • The only post in this batch to explain a research source is from Sandrine Heiser, who is turning out to be something of a star in this ChallengeAZ. She writes about the State Archives of Baden-Württemburg and how to use them. In her example, she found prisoner of war records on an Alsatian. Simple and superb post.


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