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ChallengeAZ 2021 - The letter F

Escrime - Challenge!

It is no surprise that many of the bloggers chose to write about famille, frère or femme for the letter F, but there were other topics as well and a few more on sources than previously.

  • Antequam... la généalogie! closely examines the military dossier of a man shot (fusillé) for desertion during the First World War, then extends the research to see its effects on family members. 
  • Généalogie Alsace examines a most important source in research into Alsatian ancestors, the fichier domiciliaire. These are the returns of the household census taken by towns during the period when the region was a part of Germany, 1871 to 1918. We have used these in the past with great success, particularly as they give the whereabouts of family members not present.
  • Passerelle Généalogie continues the series on emigration to Louisiana (the voyage is ended and the Lombards arrive),  giving a list of resources - excellent!
  • L'arbre des Brazier - Cartier looks at faire-parts, death and funeral service announcements, which we discussed here.
  • De Branches en branches examines the livret de famille for its genealogical usefulness, as we did here in English.
  • The Archives de l'Assistance publique - Hôpitaux de Paris are a wonderful archive that we wrote about here. They have had some serious difficulties with their website for some years now, which is a great pity. They have chosen to put their posts for the ChallengeAZ on their facebook page (also a great pity, but what to do?) So far, they have been exploring the records of various branches of the medical profession that they hold in their archives. Well worth enduring facebook to read them if you are researching a Parisian doctor, dentist or nurse..
  • Lastly, though it is useless for genealogy, we have a penchant for the entry of Sur nos traces, all about the felines in Montmartre cemetery in Paris. They enchanted us as well, as you can read here.

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