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ChallengeAZ 2021 - The letter E

Escrime - Challenge!

As the ChallengeAZ settles into a nice pace, it would seem that there are about seventy-four or seventy-five bloggers participating this year and none seems to be out of breath yet.  For the letter E, those that we have found to be most intriguing are:

  • 101 gènes, by Sandrine and Jennifer, gives a bit of pure history, looking at the years of the childhood of a particular ancestress, from 1808 to 1828, the peak of the First Empire to just before the 1830 Revolution, heady times indeed.
  • Le Souffle des ancêtres looks at the lives of domestic servants via a case study of a woman who had to leave her employment because she became pregnant. They look quite closely at the socio-economics of women in that situation.
  • Claude Christ submitted "E comme Etude sur la localisation des familles de mariniers d’Azay-sur-Cher" to the Blog du Centre Généalogique de Touraine. He conducts a very deep study of the families of boatmen on the river Cher in one town, Azay-sur-Cher, looking at parish and civil registers, census returns and local maps. It is an excellent example of cluster research using French sources available online.

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