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ChallengeAZ 2021 - The letter D

Escrime - Challenge!

Just to be clear, Dear Readers, as we select what we consider to be the best blog posts appearing for each letter in the ChallengeAZ 2021, we do not mean to imply that the others are not also interesting (or only rarely do we mean to do so). The many posts that tell a person's story or a village's history are charming but few of them reveal research skills or advice that can be of use to you in your French genealogy research. But for the odd recipe that looks too tasty to omit, our selections are those posts that we believe could help you to learn a new skill or resource that would advance your research into your own French ancestors.

The posts published for the letter D that we consider to be the best are:

  • Sur nos traces looks at how hospital registers noted the religion of a patient, a tiny mark yielding information important to identification.
  • Généa79 looks at a number of notarial records in one family that show how a couple were able to leave their estate to an adopted child.
  • Murmures d'ancêtres also looks at notarial records, from a unique angle, we opine.
  • Sandrine Heiser looks at records about dissidents in the military archives at Service Historique de la Défense
  • GénéaTrip discusses how to document one's genealogical research. This is not a common concern among French genealogists, so it is nice to find it covered here. (We had a number of posts on the subject of citation beginning here.)

We do hope you are not flagging; we have a long way to go yet.

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