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French Genealogy Season in Full Swing!

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Autumn seems to be Genealogy Season in France these days, especially since COVID lockdowns tossed all in-situ conferences, such as the Congrès national de généalogie,  onto the Internet for a virtual incarnation. We have been labouring mightily to keep abreast of the many fine presentations.

At the beginning of October, things kicked off with the second Semaine Virtuelle de la généalogie, or Virtual Genealogy Week, under the auspices of the Fédération Française de Généalogie , (FFG). (We covered the first such event here.) This year, there are close on to seventy-five talks. What we particularly appreciate is the many presentations by archivists from Departmental Archives around the country. They are the keepers of the records in which we genealogists hunt for our ancestors. Who better to explain to us how they are arranged and how best we can use them for our research? It was a most excellent idea on the part of the FFG to go to the experts in this way. You must create an account, which is free, then you can watch the presentations, which are all in French here.

Next, beginning today, we have the Salon de généalogie, taking place in the Town Hall of the 15th arrondissement of Paris for four days. As France takes the pandemic seriously, at this, as at all such events, all of us attending will have to show at the door our Pass Sanitaire, or Health Pass, proving that we are fully vaccinated. We also will have to wear masks throughout, in the exposition hall and in the conference room. Bottles of hand sanitizer will be available at entry doors and other gathering points. We expect the talks (full list here) to be interesting as well. If so, we will report on them in the next post.

Finally, beginning next week and running to the end of November is the hugely successful Challenge AZ for French genealogy bloggers. Originated by Sophie Boudarel, it is now grown to such a size that it is managed by Geneatech. Last year, we failed in our attempt to keep up in our reporting to you, Dear and Patient Readers, on these blog posts. We promise to do better this year. 

One is quite breathless at so much French genealogy on offer.

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