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We have always maintained good relations with our numerous step-fathers. Recently, one was musing about the history of mayonnaise. Just the mention of the word history sent us on the hunt and we found, to our joy and delight, that the French take the history of mayonnaise seriously, indeed. It is taken so seriously that the best discussion of the sauce's origins is on the website of the Ministry of Defense. It is not that the Army need defend mayonnaise, but that the claim is that it owes its birth to French military moments.

Either the sauce was created and named in 1756, to celebrate the capture of Mahon, capitol of Menorca, during the Seven Years War, and the name originally was "mahonnaise", or, as the Irish prefer, it was named for Général Mac-Mahon. In any case, a dollop of such silliness will go well with your poisson d'avril.

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