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Notre Douzième Anniversaire! The FGB's Twelfth Birthday!

12th Blog Birthday

We are still in a partial lockdown, here in France. All the more reason to celebrate our blog's twelfth birthday, here at the screen, as usual, but in glittering attire. We never could have imagined that we would carry The FGB on so long but you, Dear Readers, have been abundantly encouraging. Our achievements over the past twelve years include:

  • Over eight hundred posts dedicated exclusively to French genealogy (we have subtracted those early posts on our Identity Wars) And they are all free and without advertisements (donations accepted nevertheless)
  • Over 750 comments from you, Dear Readers (we have subtracted our own replies)
  • A beginner's guide to French genealogy based on our posts was published
  • Nine booklets on specific French genealogy topics have been published
  • Two French genealogy calendars have been published
  • Eight Free Clinic Case Studies have been resolved (we still accept  cases; why not send in your French genealogy puzzle for consideration?)
  • Twelve glorious gowns!
  • Over 910,000 hits (tell others about The FGB and help us get one million)

We cannot thank you enough, Dear Readers, and especially wish to thank our most loyal Patreon supporters. We also would like to thank some of the many fine people who have given space on their websites and blogs to recommend The FGB (we are not including the plagiarists):

Don your own elegant attire and join us in raising a glass of Veuve to celebrate. Let us hope that these dark times will end soon and that The FGB will go on for another twelve years!

©2021 Anne Morddel

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