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Lockdown Breeds Blogging Bonanza

Challenge a-z

As any parent will know, boredom in the infantile will lead to naughtiness, whereas boredom in the more mature will lead to creativity. During the confinements, or lockdowns, of 2020, French genealogist bloggers outdid themselves in creativity. For their 8th annual Challenge A-Z, (which we have discussed previously here and here) in which participants must write twenty-six blog posts, in alphabetical order, each on a  genealogical subject, during the month of November. Ninety bloggers participated, writing more than two thousand posts on French genealogy, quite an achievement indeed, and a significant success for the original organizer of the Challenge, Sophie Boudarel.

The contributors include professional archivists, librarians and genealogists, but most are passionate family historians and genealogists who write about their research difficulties and discoveries. We shall be reading them and presenting here some of the best over the next few weeks. Should you wish to read them in the original French, you can find links to all of them here. A bit of weeding is required, but a fabulous resource nevertheless.

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