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Next Year Will Be Better - To Cheer You, The FGB 2021 Calendar Is Now Available

2021 calendar cover

Ah, Dear Readers, it is possible that each of us may have had a worse year than 2020 but, as a social species, we have not had such a traumatic year in a very long time. Next year surely must be better, or so we hope. To keep our spirits up, the FGB 2021 calendar is now ready, not only to help us look forward and to plan again, but, with its theme of the French Revolution, perhaps to remind us all that, if such violently bad times as those could have been survived, so we can survive these times of pandemic.

The photographs in the calendar are all of the magnificent mural on the theme of the French Revolution on the walls of the Paris Métro station at Bastille. A couple of them have appeared here on the blog but most have not been seen before. On the calendar are marked the months of the Republican Calendar, as well as all modern French legal holidays. It can be purchased for $14 via our little shop on and we hope that it may brighten your days.

We hope that you have all found ways to celebrate your holidays with your loved ones, on screen, at a distance, in the safest circumstances possible.

Bonnes fêtes!

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