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Today - Salon Virtuel de Généalogie

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In a couple of hours will begin the Salon Virtuel de Généalogie, here in France, with plenty of very interesting free webinars. Unfortunately for those of you, Dear Readers, in the Americas, the talks will be available only at the time and link given, so we fear this will be for night owls only on your continents. All of the talks are in French, of course, and all look to be very interesting.  They are divided into seven categories:

  1. Les recherches généalogiques à l’étranger
  2. Sources et méthodologies de recherches généalogiques
  3. Sites et logiciels généalogiques
  4. Autour de la généalogie
  5. Écrire, transmettre et faire vivre la mémoire familiale
  6. Les animations
  7. Les webinaires

Many of the presenters have appeared on The French Genealogy Blog. There will be games and quizzes, with over three thousand euros' worth of prizes. The virtual exhibition hall, with over one hundred fifty virtual stands, should prove to be interesting, perhaps even amusing. The website is clean, clear, elegant. We will most definitely be among the attendees and recommend most highly that,  if you are awake and if you understand French, you attend online as well. We anticipate excellence!

UPDATE: So far, we are finding the talks, if not the microphones, to be of superb quality. Earlier, the links to stands were not satisfactory, but they are better now. We recommend that you look at the two pages of the list of specialists, if you seek a genealogist with unique skills or geographic location.

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