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A Very Witty Gamers' "As You Like It"

As You Like It Made At Home

Lockdown and confinement may be lifting for some, but not yet for the creative industries. Theatres are not opening, concerts are not happening and films are not filming, leaving actors, musicians and many, many others out of work and, in most countries, left off the lists of categories of workers receiving support. Here, in France, some of the most famous have written an open letter to the Prime Minister pointing out that the economic aid packages have completely ignored the arts and demanding that this fault be corrected. A similar letter was sent by British actors, artists and musicians to their government. One of them said: “Artists are creating so much content online that people can experience in their homes. They have not stopped producing and it would be a crime as a society to not support them through this crisis as they are nourishing us.” Yet, though the aid to creative people still has not materialized, they continue to create, and we want to share with you one of the very best of online entertainment creations during this pandemic, and one close to our heart.

Rachel Waring has directed a truly delightful production of "As You Like It" during and including the reality of lockdown. All of the actors perform from their places of isolation around the world, yet they achieve an incredible sense of ensemble theatre. Waring has placed the play in the world of online gaming; it is something of which we know nothing at all, yet was easy for a non-gamer to understand and to appreciate, even to the humour. More, by having the characters live and communicate via games, the life online that we all have been living during lockdown is brought into the play. The level of acting is superb (naturally, we are partial to Sid Phoenix as Orlando) and we hope that you will watch it and get as many others as you can to do so as well.

 "As You Like It" (YouTube link) - the play begins at about four hours, so move the curser up the timeline to this point:

As You Like It - Sid Phoenix copy

Should you wish to support their work with a Patreon donation, you may do so here.

Many thanks, Dear Readers, and enjoy!