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Our Tenth Birthday! Notre Dixième Anniversaire!!

10th blog birthday

Really! What sort of blogger sleeps through her own birthday!! We shall claim an excess of celebration for we have reached our tenth birthday! Over those years, we have received from you, Dear Readers, some quite lovely words of support:

"I am not even sure how or when I first glommed on to one of your blog postings; at least 4-5 years back, I believe.  What I clearly know is that I can never just skim one of them.  There is always depth for which a skim would be an insult.  There is, also, not every time your blog pops into my inbox, but frequently, a sardonic paragraph or two of which the two sides of your life-experience, the two sides of your audience are the pillars. So, all that you provide by way of factoids to be followed, and commentary to be consumed, is appreciated." Monsieur C.
"First of all, I love your blog and never skip a post, even those that seem to have no immediate application to my research. I also took your online course on notarial records in February and found it useful when translating the 1831 marriage contract for my 5X great-grandparents..." Madame F.
"I saw your site recommended on the FB group ... French Genealogy. It’s a great site, and congratulations ...!" Madame Y.
"Very much appreciate your blog, and the information you share." Madame L.
"I love your blog! So much great information." Madame S.R.
"Hi Anne, thank you for your informative posts, which have helped me to understand the shifting nationalistic propriety over the Alsace Lorraine region." Madame H.
"Great blog, thanks for your hard work on it." Monsieur G.
"I bought your book French Notaires and Notarial Records and have found some useful information, thank you." Madame N.
"I just discovered your blog and saw some of the books you’ve written. All very impressive." Monsieur S.
"Je suis très honoré et plus respectueux de vous informer que j’ai obtenu des informations utiles grâce à vos instructions pour obtenir les certificats de mon ancêtre de Pondichery de l'Inde Français. Je suis très reconnaissant pour cette aide apportée à toute votre administration." Monsieur A.
"This is a brilliant find! Thanks so much for sharing. Your blog is really the most helpful one I read -- always actionable information and useful "where-to access" pointers that are not evident when trying to research from abroad." Madame L.
"I do love reading about your adventures, they are always so interesting and good humoured! Your observations are priceless and make my day!" Madame H.
"Whenever I do or advise people on French research I start at your webpage. Many thanks for all the help you have given me over the years." Madame G.
"Enjoy your stimulating blog." Monsieur B.
"I have been a keen follower of your blog posts for some time. You have given so many tips which I have found so useful in my own family history research." Madame S.
"Always enjoy your blog & recommend it to all working on their French ancestry." Madame O.
Many thanks to all of you, Dear Readers, for giving us a grand first decade!