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Many slightly belated wishes to all our Dear Readers for a good 2019 in what promises to be a roller coaster of a year here in France, it would seem.

We are putting the final touches on our upcoming course with the Virtual Institute of Genealogical Research on French Notarial Records. These are a fabulous genealogical resource and are increasingly available online or, at least, copies can be ordered online. Not only do they provide great detail on family members; they also provide a quite intimate view into the lives of the people concerned. As you may have guessed from our book on the subject of French Notaires and Notarial Records, we are increasingly enamoured of this lush and bountiful set of documents.

You can sign up for the course here.

You can order our book on notarial records here.

And, if you missed our recent course on First Steps in French Genealogy, you will soon be able to purchase recordings of the complete course here.

We look forward to starting the new year by connecting with you, Dear Readers, on this next course.

©2019 Anne Morddel

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