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Notre Huitième Anniversaire!

8th Blog Birthday

Time to break out the Veuve!  We have been writing The French Genealogy Blog for eight years. In that time, we have offered up to you Dear Readers:

  • Over six hundred posts, nearly every last one of them on French genealogy (all but for the Identity Wars series)
  • One book
  • Nine booklets
  • Eight pretty dresses
  • Eight Free Clinic Case Studies
  • Reporting from four national French genealogy conferences and numerous smaller conferences and individual talks
  • Answers to the hundreds of queries sent to us

As with our previous birthdays, we would like to thank you all for your loyalty by offering a token of our appreciation. This year, it is our own French Genealogy Glossary, with an emphasis on the words most often found in parish and civil registrations. (A link to it in the right-hand column, under "More!" will remain permanently.) We hope that this will help you in your research and that you will continue reading and telling others about  The FGB for another eight years. 


©2017 Anne Morddel

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