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Jolly Times at WDYTYA 2017

WDYTYA entry

We have left The Hexagon for Albion and the Who Do You Think You Are? Live 2017 mouthful of a genealogy extravaganza in Birmingham. It is vast, quite noisy if compared to the archives we usually inhabit, fascinating and quite a lot of fun. We have attended numerous talks on British genealogy. We met with the erudite and engaging Peter Towey of the Anglo-German Family History Society, who regaled with tales of DNA discoveries. We have reconnected with Marie Cappart, Belgian genealogy expert, at a stand about the Mons Memorial.

Belgian stand

We are most disappointed that Yvette Hoitink, Dutch genealogist, was recovering from illness and could not make it, but we will be socializing with colleagues from the Association of Professional Genealogists, who are running a lively stand.


APG Stand

Most of the stands representing the various British counties and countries are linked to the Society of Genealogists, one of the organizers of the show. Their list of workshops is impressive, and we have had a great deal of fun serving on a table in their "Ask an Expert" camp. This is run, as one person described it to us, like a speed dating event. Genealogists wait at tables, computers at the ready, until a bell is rung. At that point, a stampede of researchers bent under their brick walls comes hurtling toward us, fanning out, one to a table. We have twenty minutes together to try to solve the genealogy puzzle. Then, the bell rings again, the researcher departs with new possibilities, and the next stampede surges toward us. A full day of this could lead one to start humming "Ten cents a dance", but for a couple of hours, it is incredibly jolly. We shall be there again today, so do charge our table if you've a mind.

We do feel that the French were under represented. Where was the Huguenot Society? Nevertheless, an excellent junket which we hope to repeat in years to come.


©2017 Anne Morddel

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