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For those researching the civil registrations for their ancestors in German-speaking towns within France during the years when the Republican Calendar was in effect (1792-1806), understanding the months can be a bit of torture. So, we thought to share this nifty translated list that we have found:

Republican Calendar         German month name 

Vendémiaire                           Weinmonat

Brumaire                                 Nebelmonat

Frimaire                                  Reifmonat

Nivôse                                     Schneemonat

Pluviôse                                  Regenmonat

Ventôse                                   Windmonat

Germinal                                Keimmonat

Floréal                                    Blütenmonat

Prairial                                   Weisenmonat

Messidor                                Erntemonat

Thermidor                             Hitzemonat

Fructidor                                Fruchtmonat


 Short and sweet today, but useful, we hope!

En plus:

FGB Reader, Monsieur V has very kindly sent this:

Here are the names for your Dutch readers:

Autumn: Wijnmaand, Mistmaand, Koudemaand

Winter: Sneeuwmaand, Regenmaand, Windmaand

Spring: Kiemmaand, Bloemmaand. Weidemaand

Summer: Oogstmaand, Hittemaand, Fruitmaand



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