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The Swiss Mennonites of France

Summer is Ended


We are very grateful to those of you who have written with concerns as to our welfare, having noticed the long silence here. After a bit of trouble with our eye, all is well again. As soon as we could see again, we jumped immediately into preparations for talks that we plan to give to genealogy groups this winter.

August being a month when Google Analytics (which are not very usefully analytical, we find) tells us that all of our Dear Readers are either the working somnambulant at worst, or somnolent in the summer's heat, or out cold at the beach at best, we thought no one would notice we had missed a few posts. But you did and many thanks for all of your kind messages.

It seems hotter now than it was in August but in spite of that we can no longer tell ourself that these are still the lazy days of summer. Nor can we hide in the ice box; we must get to work. Prepare yourselves, French Genealogy Blog posts begin again tomorrow!