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All Descendants of Pingenot or Recroix of Alsace, Please Help

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We have just received word from Monsieur M., who writes the excellent blog on Alsace, Elsasser Wurtzle, asking for help from our very own Dear Readers. He is researching the village of Pfaffans, once located in Alsace, from which a number of people emigrated to the United States. He would like to know what happened to them and where they lived.

He would like to hear from anyone concerning the following surnames, especially the first two, in bold: 

  • Pingenot
  • Recroix
  • Bloch
  • Borneque
  • Cayot
  • Turrillot

The above people received French passports to travel to New York in 1862. If you think your ancestor may be one of this group, Monsieur M. would like to know as much as possible about their lives as immigrants and asks that you please send him:

  • Any family stories or anecdotes
  • Press clippings such as obituaries
  • Photographs, including those of gravestones
  • Genealogies 

Please write directly to:

To be sure, you could learn a great deal more about your family of Pfaffans! 

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