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Saint Domingue

We always long to attend the National Genealogical Society's Annual Family History Conference but never have yet quite managed the voyage. Perhaps next year. However, it is possible to purchase recordings of the lectures via Playback Now. There are so many that seem interesting and that we plan to listen to, but only two concern French genealogy. Neither of them is dedicated to French records in France. One of these, by Michael Hait and entitled "Researching French Refugees from St. Domingue", is relevant to many questions we have received.

Mr. Hait is a well-known researcher and is quite active in the genealogy community. Though we have corresponded with him, we have never met him. He is an expert in the research of the refugees of Saint Domingue (now Haiti) and his talk on the subject revealed this. Working with two men as examples, he put their flight into historical context and gave information about them found in records in the United States, whither they had fled. He then described researching the two men in four important online resources for Haitian research. These websites cover contemporary documentation, newspapers, books, links and academic studies. Some, but by no means all of the websites mentioned have been covered here on the FGB.

For those with ancestors who were in Saint Domingue, and who wish to research them thoroughly, we highly recommend the purchase of this talk. We hope to hear and tell about the other talk that touched on French genealogy soon, when we return from our next junket.

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