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Notre Septième Anniversaire! The FGB's Seventh Birthday!

7th blog anniversary

It is really a bit of an astonishment for us that we have come to the seventh birthday of The French Genealogy Blog. Seven years of posts explaining how to research your French ancestors, one book on French genealogy, eight booklets on specific areas of French genealogy and numerous visits from you, our Dear Readers, come all the way to France to discuss and research with us your French ancestry.

We are a natural researcher, have always felt most at home in libraries and archives, so these past seven years writing about French archives and research have been most entertaining. Yet, more than that, we have deeply appreciated the way that we have been welcomed into the French genealogy community and thank you, Dear Readers, for the warmth and kindness with which you have encouraged us via your comments and messages and occasional visits.

By way of thanks, we would like to remind you that the FGB Free Clinic is still taking your requests for help with your brick walls. Please do send in your conundrums and queries, clearly explained and showing the research that you have already done. If we can be of help and if we think that your case is representative of what others would like to know, we will do our best and put our research up here on the blog. We hope that you will also raise a glass of the widow's finest with us in celebration.


On a different note, we ask your help for someone, please. Many years ago in Paris, we listened to a presentation given by the vastly successful American blogger in France, Kristen Espinasse. It was she who inspired us to begin the FGB and she whose advice and example helped us on innumerable occasions. Now, her husband, prone to depression, is in an exceedingly dark place within himself and has been for some months. If you have ever been there, you know how crippling it is; if you have ever loved someone lost in that darkness, you know that it is as agonising as helplessly watching over a dangerously ill child. Please, if you know of some words or ideas that may be of help, write to Kristi here. Thank you.

©2016 Anne Morddel

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