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Vieux Métiers, or Professions, in Latin


One of our most dedicated correspondents, Madame M, has written asking if we know of a dictionary giving professions in Latin of the 1600s. In a word, no. We know of Latin dictionaries, but not of those referencing specifically the use of that language during that century. Perhaps an incunabulum in a local library?

We have written on the subject of métiers in the past, but with no particular emphasis on Latin. Online, we have found the following, which we hope will be of help to Madame M.:

  • Généawiki's pages entitled : Les métiers en latin - choose a letter from a band on the page to be taken to a rather rudimentary list of professions and their French translations. (This reveals the problem with collaborative exercises: if people refuse to collaborate, the exercise is a dud.)
  • The rather more substantial list on the really quite personal pages of Monsieur Guy Joly. He follows the same click-on-a-letter structure and has his list in two versions: Latin to French and French to Latin, for those of you who wish to impress your friends by discussing (or at least knowing the word for) your profession in Latin.

We do hope that this will be of use to all of you, Dear Readers, as well as to Madame M., and that this may lead to another of her wonderful guest posts.

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