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Genealogy Circle Reincarnated in Alsace

Reincarnated Circle

Pertinent to our recent post on dying genealogy circles and good news for those researching Alsatian ancestors, the Centre Départemental d'Histoire des Familles (CDHF), which we reported as being on its last legs here, has been born anew as the Centre de Recherches sur l’Histoire des Familles (CRHF) and will reopen its doors on the 12th of February.

How did this come about? How did they find a way to survive, when their funding from the department was stopped? Is there something to be learned here by other genealogy circles and associations? As the CRHF tell it:

  • They have had to reduce their opening hours, but will be open to the public from 1.00pm to 6.00pm on Fridays and from 9.00am to 5.00pm on Saturdays. Staffing will be by volunteers.
  • Publications may again be ordered by post. The list is on the old website. For the time being, payment may be by cheque (in euros, on a French bank) only.
  • The CRHF will do some research in Parish and civil registrations -- on request and for a fee. They will no longer be able to transcribe or explain them.
  • The old CDHF website remains accessible to all, though some databases are for members only. Access codes are sent to members by post.
  • Money is still urgently needed. If anyone knows of a person or organisation that might be able to contribute, please contact them and encourage them to empty their pockets! The new incarnation has received its charitable status and donations are, thus, tax deductible.*
  • Membership form is here.

 Excellent news!

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*Probably not for Americans, as the IRS does not recognise French charities.