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The Bilingual Diploma in French Genealogy - Please Give Your Suggestions

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We have been contacted by the good folk who are designing the bilingual component of the distance learning version of the Diploma in  Genealogy and Family History offered by the University of Nîmes. We first described the course four years ago here, and it has developed and become more refined since then. 

This proposed version of the course would be truly bilingual, with some parts in French and some in English, so anyone taking it would need to have some ability to understand and read French. The current plan for the course includes:

  • Tutorial classes (in French) given by viseo-conference using AdobeConnect
  • Filmed lectures (in French)
  • Written materials (in French and English)

All of the supporting materials for the classes and lectures would be available in French and English.

  • Students will be required to write a paper based on research in French archives that are available online. The purpose of the paper being for the student to exhibit a thorough understanding of French archives. The student will be able to select the Departmental Archives for the paper, and the professor will formulate the research proposal with the student's area of interest in mind.
  • Exams will be in French and must be taken in person. Locations proposed are French consulates and Alliance Française offices close to the student's residence.

Subjects covered remain as they are:

  • Genealogy
  • Modern (post-Revolutionary) history
  • Palaeography
  • Heraldry
  • Family law
  • Anthroponymy

The cost of the bilingual course is anticipated to be about 4000€. The course lasts six months.

To our knowledge, this may be the only university diploma course given entirely on the subject of French genealogy and will certainly be the only one offered by a French university at least partly in English. Comparing with others, we find that:

  • The National Institute for Genealogical Studies in Canada offers Certificate Programmes in the records of a number of countries, but not those of France
  • Brigham Young University in the United States offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Family History but it is not an online course, nor does there seem to be the possibility to specialize in French records.
  • The Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies in Britain offers an online diploma course but, quite naturally, there is no French component. This is the same for the University of Strathclyde in Scotland.
  • The University of New England in Australia offers a distance diploma in Family Historical Studies; again, nothing concerning French records is taught.

Bearing that in mind, we and the people at Nîmes would be most grateful if you could please send your responses to the following questions:

  1.  Does a course with this structure and format interest you?
  2. If not, how would you change it to improve it?
    1. Structure?
    2. Content?
    3. Level of French required?
    4. Level of work required?
    5. Anything else?

Please do send any and all ideas and suggestions and be part of the process of designing the ideal course.  We eagerly await your replies.

©2015 Anne Morddel

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