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FGB Free Clinic

Petit Soins

The summer hols are over and we are back to work; la rentrée is in effect. Refreshed, we thought we might try something new. Regularly, we receive requests to advise on or help with genealogical research. From these, we can see that many people are struggling with the same difficulties and really could benefit from sharing and discussing their research. Why not here?

Our proposal is that you, Dear Readers, send us a specific French genealogy question, brick wall, issue, or some such. We will respond here with how we would do the research, where we would look and in what way. Those Readers more in the know could comment with further suggestions. If this sounds like a good idea, prepare your query:

  • Identify a single, clear issue and formulate it into one French genealogy question
  • Prepare all of the relevant documentation you have already found to send by e-mail
  • Decide if you wish to be Monsieur or Madame Anonyme or if you wish to have your name appear with your query
  • Send it all to us at the address here (Do not try to fit it all into a comment on the page)

We will then upload your query and documents (so do think about protecting the privacy of living individuals when you send your work) and discuss the issue and the research possibilities, explaining what we would do and why.

This is an opportunity, Dear Readers.

©2015 Anne Morddel

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