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Protestants of Poitou


Many of you, Dear Readers, write that you are descended from Protestants of the region of Poitou. Snappy dressers, apparently, but not always easy to research. We have written often about Protestant and Huguenot research, and it is covered in one of our booklets. Recently, we discovered a personal website that, to our mind, is rather exceptional in its narrow and deep focus on the Protestants of Poitou.

Elisabeth and Guy Vidal set up a website about their own genealogies in 2002, and added much about Thomas Marché, a prominent Huguenot of the region in the seventeenth century. They seem not to have updated the site for a good five years, but have kindly left it for others to discover and use. Their site includes:

  • A list of important dates in Poitevin Protestantism
  • A list of Poitevin Protestants sent to the galleys
  • A list of local Protestant pastors
  • A genealogy of the Marché family
  • Maps
  • A number of bibliographic sources specific to the region
  • Many historical articles
  • A few links, most of them dead

Such a mysterious place, the Internet, where the products of so many wonderful minds are allowed to see the light of quite a big day, in comparison with that of the local printer, and to drift before the public eye for longer than in the past. Most of it is extremely depressing, as one realizes just how mentally stunted so many Internet users are, but this little site, launched and forgotten, could yet be of use to someone out there. We do hope so.

©2015 Anne Morddel

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