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The 2112 French Who Died in the American Revolution

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For those who are tracing French ancestors who went to the United States, our perusals have brought to our attention a nice little article that lists the 2112 French officers, soldiers and sailors who died fighting for the cause during the American Revolution. Though in French, it was written by an American, Warrington Dawson, and appeared in the 1936 issue of the Journal de la Société des Américanistes, which normally is about the cultural anthropology of the Americas and has nothing to do with genealogy or the military at all. The Society of Americanistes is linked with the Museum at Quai Branly; we really are not sure of just how this article found its way into this publication, but here it is and helpful it may be.

Mr. Dawson was a "special attaché" to the American embassy in Paris and an "honourary citizen of Versailles". Not only did he compile this list of those who died for the American cause, he erected a monument to them in Versailles. The list for the army is by rank and regiment, then alphabetical; for the navy, it is by ship, then rank, then alphabetically. He also gives the full name, including "known as" or dit names,  when and where the man died and, in some cases, his date and place of birth. 

It is available on Gallica, which offers the download of the entire issue. We accepted that offer and reduced the file to just the article and necessary identification pages. In the hope that it will be of use to some of our Dear Readers, we give that to you here:çais%20morts%20aux%20Etats-Unis.pdf


May you find someone you seek!

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