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French Studies of the Revolution and Empire, 1789-1815


We are trying to make sense of these websites and to recommend them, we really are, but the owners do not make it easy in the least. The Société des Etudes Historiques Révolutionnaires & Impériales (SEHRI) seems to have become the Association d'étude, d'histoire et de patrimoine sur la période 1789 à 1815. There are websites under both names with mostly identical information, and both are dreadfully organized. In some cases, they link to one another, but not in all. The site of the Association has a large number of irritating pop-up ads. Both sites are littered with flashing ads for all sorts of things, from furniture to ladies' undergarments.

Nevertheless, the Association has a very large collection of documentation about the military, politics and society of France during the Revolution and the Napoleonic era. They also have many biographical dictionaries uploaded and a number of genealogical aids. They are particularly strong on people in the regions of Alsace and Lorraine and the department of Ain during that period.

  • There is a forum, with much genealogical discussion
  • There is a link to a collectors' corner of small ads (along with all of the others)
  • There is a blog (and good luck getting past the ads on that one!)
  • There is a "virtual museum"

The key site is that of the Archives Numérisées en ligne, which has:

There are also a lot of dead links. Someone is clearly in over his head.

If you have the patience, there is much on offer here that could help with your research on an ancestor who fought with Napoleon, was imprisoned by him, or merely survived those wild years. 

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