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How Serious Are You About Your French Genealogy?

Calling All Canadian Readers


We have been contacted by a student archivist at the University of Angers, Steeve Costeseque. For his studies, he is conducting research on French-speaking Canadians who have travelled to Charente-Maritime to pursue their family history. He has put a questionnaire online and has asked us to help him to find more respondents. 

It is rather a rare event when those pursuing their genealogy in France, and voyaging so far and so expensively to do so are the subjects of any interest at all. This curiosity could lead to good things for those who may come in the future and we beg all of you who fit the criteria to please complete the questionnaire and help young Steeve with 

Tourisme généalogique Canadiens francophones en France


Many thanks.

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