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Someone has pointed out to us that it has been well over three years since we last wrote of developments in the online presence of Communal and Municipal Archives. These are an important complementary source to the websites of the Departmental Archives. At times, they duplicate one another, but in many cases, the Departmental Archives do not have the parish and/or civil registrations of the larger cities and the only place to find them will be on the websites of the archives of those cities.

The past couple of weeks have brought the announcements of the launches of or additions to the websites of the Municipal Archives of Bordeaux, Lille, and perhaps most excitingly, Metz. The list is ever growing. The two best sources for the discovery of new Municipal Archives remain the map at GénéInfos, which includes Departmental Archives as well, and the list provided by the website of Archives de France, which provided the base for the one given below.

So, if you thought that you had found everything with the websites of the Departmental Archives and now have no more to do, think again and get back to work! And good luck to you.

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