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The television station, France 3, will be offering a new show from the twentieth of September that is sure to become a secret pleasure for all French genealogists. Origines is a crime drama in which a snooty, cold, privileged and young police detective (played by Julien Baumgartner) regularly relies on the help of a brilliant expert in genealogy, languages and paleography (played by Micky Sébastian) who is twenty years older.

The publicity blurb is, perhaps, less than enlightening but certainly entertaining:

What is there that connects the first steps of Armstrong on the moon and a crime of passion? The death of a homeless person and the French Indochina War? Three parakeets and [an organization to encourage immigration that was nicknamed] Bumidom?  These are the kinds of puzzles to be solved by the people in Origines, a new series that combines a novel-like quality with fantasy and emotion....Criminal investigations involve a scrutiny of peoples' lives and a unconventional genealogist who is passionate about history and an obsessive young policeman. Crimes reveal the truths about families and their pasts.

We have paraphrased.

The website about the show has many videos (and there is at least one video to see on YouTube) which we hope you may be able to view from your countries.  We would recommend it for it will be a fun lesson in a few research skills in French genealogy. (Well, we assume they would get it right.)

Clearly, genealogy in France is as popular as it is elsewhere!

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