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A Gift for Our Readers on Our Fifth Birthday!


5th blog anniversary

This month, we celebrate five years of writing The French Genealogy Blog and of having encountered via the electronic postal system so many wonderful Dear Readers. As a token of our gratitude, we offer a gift for you to download: a calendar of important dates in the history of France that relate to genealogical research.

FGB Calendar

Running from April 2014 to the end of March 2015, it brings you not only dates useful to know for your research, but the months of the Republican Calendar and a selection of our artistic photographs. The entire calendar, as a PDF, may be downloaded hereIt is a big file, so give it a minute. If you like, you may print it out and glue it -- page by page -- to pieces of construction paper and staple it all together to hang on your wall with a piece of string. Nice project to share with a small child. However, if you must have a hard copy, we have a glossy and ready-made version available for you to purchase on Lulu.com, here.

We hope that you may enjoy the calendar and also that you will accept our many, many thanks to you all, Dear Readers, for what continues to be a very fun ride.

©2014 Anne Morddel

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