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Many apologies for the lateness of this post. We were out gardening a few days ago and fell down a hole. The period of recuperation has brought us an interesting discovery: one of those websites created for love or obsession or both that freely share genealogical information in an intelligible format.

Just so with Claude Rossignol's Primo-Arrivants des Iles des Mascareignes, about the first European - almost exclusively about the French --  settlers in the Mascarene Islands. While we have written about the parish and civil registrations of La Réunion being accessible via the website of the Archives nationales d'outre-mer and those of Ile Maurice, or Mauritius, being accessible via the National Archives of that Republic, struggling between the two sites has been less than ideal for those who are researching ancestors whose families may have lived on both of the islands.

Monsieur Rossignol's site brings succor. While, naturally, it has links to the two national archives sites just mentioned, it also lists the names of all known first immigrants, with the details of their births, marriages and deaths, where known. It lists sources, and shows corrections to some of them. It has a long list of valued contributors. For each of the two main islands, there is an alphabetical list of immigrants. Perhaps of most value are the interactive maps which link back to these lists, especially that showing where in France the immigrants originated. If you cannot find your Mascareigne ancestor here, Monsieur Rossignol gives links to the sites of those who might help: fora, historical societies and genealogy associations of the region.

As is often the case with personal sites such as this, there is a bit of abandon with the use of Flash in the design, but we have seen worse -- showers of twinkling stars over a corps de ballet of dancing teddy bears and smirking fairies with innumerable flags stampeding round the borders. No, by comparison, Primo-Arrivants des Iles des Mascareignes's two scrolls of names may be annoying but are sedate. A fine site that will be of great help to a small but frustrated number, we imagine.

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