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How the French See Their Ex-Colonies in North America


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Just now, on France 3, the show Le Grand Tour, presented by Patrick de Carolis, is airing an episode entitled "When America Was French" (Quand l'Amérique était française), with visits from Quebec to Louisiana. For those of you with French ancestors, it is an interesting opportunity to discover how your distant cousins see you and your history. 

There are discussions of Cartier, Champlain, whaling, the Iroquois, les Filles du Roy, genealogical research, the sale of Louisiana, jazz, fishing, etc. The way French is spoken in Quebec is explained; the way it is spoken in Louisiana requires subtitles. The music, very cloying, is most intrusive. The entire episode may be seen for a fee here. Short extracts may be seen here (some of you report that this does work in North America). One by one, sections of it may be seen on YouTube here.

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