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As we write, we assume that most of our Dear Readers are paying no attention whatsoever, but are busy with pie crusts, large dead birds and shopping for Thanksgiving. For those who never did and never will celebrate the day and for those who could or should but would rather not, we write on.

We have in the past made a mention or two of the French blogger, Jérémie Bourillon, who writes the blog Généalogie facile, which translates as "Easy Genealogy". He covers pretty much the same territory as we do here, minus the Identity Wars and other such personal trivia. Monsieur Bourillon has just produced an e-book (PDF download) of advice and guidance which he is offering free to anyone who will subscribe to his blog.

It begins with a number of reasons for pursuing genealogy, such as curiosity, the desire to identify people in old photographs, or to know why someone was awarded that old medal in the sugar tin, or why an ancestor had an atypical (for the family) profession. The list is quite long. He then explains the first steps to gathering one's French family history and documents. This is followed by explanations which cover finding the civil and parish registrations in the Departmental Archives and researching in military records and railway employment records. It runs to about fifty pages or so.

If you have already finished our book,  you may wish to read his, keeping yourselves industrious over the long weekend.

We wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and a bon appétit!

©2013 Anne Morddel

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