"Mastering Genealogical Proof" and French Genealogy - Part 8
Filtering Out the Dross, Separating Out the Drones

Genneocal and New Caledonian Genealogy


French Freedom of the Seas

The Territorial Archives of the French territory of Nouvelle Calédonie are leading a quiet life, but not that territory's genealogy group. Those busy bees are in the  group Genneocal, which presents itself  as having with three objectives:

  • to provide assistance to those doing genealogical research in the territory
  • to work with the Territorial Archives in the selection and preparation of documents that could be published
  • to make available these publications at no charge

The number of publications now freely available on the Internet has just passed the one hundred mark and is becoming quite an interesting collection, located on Genneocal's pages on the publishing site Calaméo. To be found there are:

  • 58  tables décennales, the ten-year indices to birth, marriage and death registrations 
  • 12 historical publications about the islands
  • 12 publications about those deported to the islands and their guards
  • The complete Biographical Dictionary of Baptisms in New Caledonia, in six installments
  • Government publications of interest
  • Some archives finding aids
  • The index to volumes 1 and 2 of Sagas Calédoniennes, a series of family histories that appeared in a local newspaper

It should be noted that almost all of these works and, if photographs be any guide, the membership of Genneocal, is exclusively for the people known as the Caldoches, those of European descent. Thus if you are researching ancestors of the indigenous population, known as Kanak, you will be out of luck. If, however, your French or German ancestors spent a generation or two in New Caledonia, Genneocal and Calaméo together could move your research along.

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