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Archives et Culture

Between talks, we stopped by the stand of Archives & Culture, the company that not only publishes the many popular genealogy works of  Marie-Odile Mergnac, but was founded by her in 1989 and is still sailing with her at the helm. Her dedicated assistant, who diligently sends us announcements each time Madame Mergnac brings forth another book, was tending the tables laden with the company's books, among them:

  • Découvrir ses ancêtres sous la Révolution
  • Retrouver ses ancêtres espagnols
  • Retrouver un ancêtre postier
  • Reconnaître les photos et cartes postales anciennes
  • Retracer l'histoire de sa commune
  • Rechercher ses ancêtres aux Pays-Bas
  • Reconnaître les uniformes 1914-1918

The list is quite long and the books are generally concise and excellent. Our interest, however, was to see a copy of  "La Revue Archives & Culture", the company's first magazine and the first new genealogy magazine in France for a couple of years. There were stacks of the first issue, which was being heavily promoted.

A & C La Revue

The magazine will have ten issues per year and intends to cover not only genealogy but history, daily life as it was in the past, surnames and their origins, regional customs and traditions.  The first issue has articles on:

  • The traditions of bridal headgear, with numerous wedding photographs of old
  • The profession of raising homing pigeons, with numerous photographs of pigeons, some of them with military accoutrements, and with a glossary of pigeon fanciers' terms
  • How to research war orphans of the First World War in France, based on a Archives & Culture book on the subject
  • The mysteries of heredity
  • Family customs of the Chinese, with a few photographs of China
  • Common Belgian first names
  • The history and origin of a selection of French surnames

The editor is, of course, Marie-Odile Mergnac. She is also the publishing director, picture researcher, and contributing author, though there are a couple of others. No problem with unity of vision here.

How does La Revue compare with other genealogy magazines on the market? It is prettier, to be sure. The paper is thicker, with a matte coating. The layout is cleaner and the type more attractive. The pages are designed to be detached and put into binders, and are marked with lines to indicate where to cut and with dots showing where to punch holes. (Bit of a job all that.) Best of all, there are no advertisements! But for a list of the company's own publications on the back cover, there is not a single advertisement in the entire issue. Thus, every page of this magazine, which sells for 4.50 euros, contains solid information for the reader. 

It is too soon to say how useful this elegant publication will continue to be. We have paid the 39 euros for a year's subscription and will write again at the end of the tenth issue, giving our opinion on a year's worth of La Revue. It can be purchased online at  the CDIP Boutique or by post from:

Archives & Culture

26 bis rue Paul-Barruel

75015 Paris


Interesting addition to the coffee table stack.

©2013 Anne Morddel

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