XXIIe Congrès national de Généalogie - French Genealogy Is About To Take Off
XXIIe Congrès national de Généalogie - ANOM

XXIIe Congrès national de Généalogie - Beautiful Blasons


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Surely, the prettiest of all the stands at the genealogy congress was that of Jean Boischampion, who is a master of the rare art of painting on glass with metals as well as with colours. He combines this with his extensive knowledge of heraldry to create bright and beautiful presentations of a family's (or city's or corporation's) coat of arms. He explained to us that he works with lead, pewter, silver and gold, and applies the colours with a brush so small its number is 00.


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Monsieur Boischampion is a raconteur of the first order and tells of a childhood spent collecting stamps in Finistère that proceeded to a youth spent collecting coins at the Charing Cross market in London under the guidance of Mr. Cream at the British Museum. He learned English from the books on rare coins loaned to him by Mr. Cream. His years in London also included developing a collection of  prints of the coats of arms of each of the City of London Livery companies, which of course took him to heraldry.

He returned to France and a variety of studies and now  has settled in Béziers, where he produces the blasons on glass. You can order one based on an existing design, or ask Monsieur Boischampion to design one. If your family does not really have thte right to one, we recommend opting for that of the city where your family originated. Every French city has a coat of arms, as in this example from the stand of the genealogy circle of Var:


Armorial de Var small


Or, take classes from Monsieur Boischampion and make your own display of your coat of arms. After all those years under Mr. Cream's tutelage, Monsieur Boischampion speaks perfect English and will cheerily discuss any project with you..

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Jean Boischampion

5, rue d'Arsonval

34500 Béziers

tel: (+33) 6 74 33 65 61

e-mail: boischampion@gmail.com


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