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Another Chef-d'oeuvre by A Dear Reader

Chef-d'oeuvres by Our Dear Readers

 Today, we inaugurate a new list on The French Genealogy Blog: Chefs-d'oeuvres by Our Dear Readers. Some of you have written quite interesting accounts of your French anestors' lives, and some of you have published these and made them available for purchase or as something to share at no cost. We believe that your ancestors may have known those of other Dear Readers, may have mentioned them in their tales, may provide that one detail in their memoires that could break down someone's French brick wall. Thus, the new list of those works by our Dear Readers which may be of use to same.

Should you have produced such a work and would like us to include it in our list, please:

  • Reflect on its usefulness to other researchers of French genealogy - does it mention names of others, date and places or is it too personal to be of interest to any outside the immediate family?
  • Ensure that it is in a format enabling its practical use, such as a book, e-book, PDF file, etc.
  • Send us a copy
  • Explain how others may obtain a copy, whether it is free or must be purchased
  • Wait patiently for us to think about it

Our list begins with a work by a reader whose ancestors were in the Paris Commune and who were immigrants to Martinique and to the United States. Click on it in the new list in the column to the right, just below that stylish "Categories" cloud list. 

Many thanks!

©2013 Anne Morddel

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