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Our Fourth Birthday - Notre Quatrième Anniversaire


4th anniversary red

Well, the French Genealogy Blog is now four years old and has over 350 posts under its belt. Are we a tad weary? Not in the least. We have dozens of ideas to pursue here and many more French genealogy events on which to report. We hope that you, Dear and Loyal Readers, will stay with us. 

We celebrate our blog’s birthday this year with two events: 


French Genealogy From Afar


Firstly, a publication: French Genealogy From Afar. As so many of you have written to tell us that you are struggling to print off and tidily store our posts, we deemed a book to be in order. It is a guide – built on numerous posts from this blog -- that has as its focus the very first steps of research into French ancestry, mostly via the Internet. The Section Headings are :  

  •  Getting Ready
  •  History and Geography
  •  Location! Location!
  •  Departmental and Communal Archives
  •  Researching on the Departmental Archives’ Websites
  •  A Bit of Military History
  •  Military Records Online
  •  The National Archives Databases
  •  The Genealogy Community and Commercial Databases

Giving historical insights, keys to unlocking the French archives system, invaluable French websites, ways to develop a research methodology, problem solving advice, French Genealogy From Afar is also, of course, in our usual, pert style.

This fine paperback book of 185 pages is immediately available -- from us only -- and will be shipped directly from the printer. The price, including postage, is $26 / £18 / €22 per copy. Should you wish to purchase a copy, please send an e-mail to us at amerigen AT yahoo DOT com and we will explain the procedures.

Cottage 1 small

Secondly, we have communicated at length with so many of you, Dear Readers, that we think it might be nice to meet you. Should you plan a trip to France, we hope that you might wish to add the French Genealogy Blog's rustic stone cottage in Dordogne to your itinerary. Bookings may be via Airbnb.com or directly with us at the e-mail above. 

One last thing: we have listened to your requests (annoyed sarcasm?) and have made our photographs available in a simple format, without borders or our own sweet words. If you do not see one that you know from the blog and that  you would like, write to us and we will add it.

In closing, une coupe de champagne, Veuve of course, with many thanks, for you all!

Right, that’s it for the festivities. Back to work.

©2013 Anne Morddel

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