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Genealogy Bloggers in France - The A to Z Challenge



For the past few weeks, most of those who blog on genealogy in France have been participating in a little challenge, inaugurated by Sophie Boudarel, who took inspiration from those "Anglo-Saxons, who are fond of writing contests". It is a game, really, the point of which has been to write blog posts on subjects that begin with each letter of the alphabet. To those utterly new to our blog, we explain that we have not been participating, not because we disdain or disapprove, but because our poor brain does not function in that manner.

Over fifty bloggers are participating, including a couple in Canada. While some have gone through the alphabet by writing about their family, others have made quite interesting contributions to and illuminations of French genealogy. Certain letters brought the same responses from almost everyone: archives for A; femmes, women, or famille, family for F; G was for Gallica; J was for jumeaux, twins; H went to hasard, or the serendipitous discovery; notaires for N. Here are some of those we think are more original:

  • B comme Bibliothèque by Elise at Auprès de nos Racines explains how many of France's major libraries contain archives and original manuscripts of genealogical interest.
  • Maïwenn Bourdic wrote on Délibérations municipales for D, a topic we covered once.
  • Familypuzzle gave a good discussion of how surnames can vary in N comme nom de famille.
  • We are not sure if Geneajunkie's discussion of the Quevilly family's signatures is part of the challenge for Q or for S or if he is even playing the game at all, but it is an excellent analysis of eighteenth century handwriting and signatures.
  • Généalogieblog gives an unusual account of the sensual and spiritual experience of archives research in Viscéralité des archives for V. It called to mind our days as a library school student at Berkeley, when we once came upon a man in a remote region of the stacks, reclining on one of the shelves, most thoroughly unclad.
  • The extremely unconventional Lulu Sorciére Archives covered infanticide for I.
  • Aide généalogie gives a fine discussion of the administrative structure of the realm in R comme Royaume

Good reading.

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